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Bend it Like Beckham


Hi all. Please complete the following on YOUR blog. What  was the Issue that caused the conflict in Jess’ family about her sister’s wedding? What expectations does it involve? What ARE the expectations that prevent Jess and Joe dating each other? Please find an image that supports both of your answers.    

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Please click on the following link and create an ID. Use your cases ID so I know who you are.

Term 4


Hi all. I am sure that you are all excited about starting the new term. (Sure, Ms Rothwell). Well I am really looking forward to hearing about your break and what you all got up to. We are studying ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ this term and I know you guys are going to love it. […]

Blog Tutorials – by Ms Mcarthur

September10 Click on the link and follow the instructions. Have fun.

Unfair teachers


What was unfair about this teachers actions?

Captain Hardcastle


Poor Roald Dahl! He really didn’t have much luck with his teachers did he? I would like you to complete the following in a post on YOUR blog! 1. What do you dislike the most about Captain Hardcastle? 2. What was Prep? 3. Why did Roald speak to Dobson in Prep? 4. What was a […]

7E Letter to Roald Dahl


Dear Mr Dahl, I have been reading your book, ‘Boy’, and have found it to be most enjoyable. Your stories of your life at school have been very interesting. I recently read a chapter ‘A drive in a motor car. I found it interesting when ……………………………………………….. I would like to share with you a time […]

Letter to Roald Dahl from 7B


Hi all. Please comment on this post with your work. I have also included the rubric and example for you here too. I was really impressed with your work today and I think that we learnt that some of us are paitent with technology and some of us are not. I’ll let you decide which […]




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