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Letter to Roald Dahl from 7B


Hi all. Please comment on this post with your work.

I have also included the rubric and example for you here too.

I was really impressed with your work today and I think that we learnt that some of us are paitent with technology and some of us are not. I’ll let you decide which category I fit into.

7 English – CAT – Letter to the author for Blog

From Ms Rothwell.

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“Letter to Roald Dahl from 7B”

  1. September 1st, 2014 at 2:54 pm      Reply eilaan7e Says:

    Dear Mr Dahl,
    I have been reading your book, ‘Boy’, and have found it to be most enjoyable. Your stories of your life at school have been very interesting. I recently read a chapter ‘A drive in a motor car. I found it interesting and funny when your half-sister lost control to the car because she was driving too fast.

    I would like to share with you a time in my life that was frightening. It all started when I fell over, I felt pain and my arm went numb. About 20 minutes later I was taken to the hospital. The doctor told me I had a broken wrist. I was really scared when they took me to the surgery room, 10 minutes later I woke up but couldn’t see anything but blurry things. I started vomiting because of the funny gas they have put me.

    Yours sincerely, Eilaan

    • September 2nd, 2014 at 10:58 am      Reply msrothwell711 Says:

      Eilaan, thanks for sharing your experience. I remember how brave you were. I was so proud of the fact that you remained calm and you allowed the paramedics to help you. It would have taken a lot of courage.
      Ms Rothwell.

  2. September 1st, 2014 at 7:15 pm      Reply phoebe7b Says:

    Dear Roald Dahl,
    I recently read ‘A drive through in a motor-car’ in your book, I found it interesting and I would like to share with you a time in my life that was very frightening.
    It all happened when our family including my aunties, uncles, cousins…etc. decided to go and rent a beach house at Lorn beach for 2 days. Before we went, my dad asked his boss if he could take 2 days off to go Lorn beach and my dad’s boss asked what number the house was because his friend died there. Later on, we found out the house number we’re staying at was 13 which was where my dad’s boss’s friend died. Anyways, we came to the house, settled in and told stories at night. Then at midnight, my auntie got a call but when she picked it up, no one was there and in the morning, she couldn’t open the door. The next day while we were walking down the hill towards the beach we took some pictures and played games. It was time to leave the beach. A few days later, my auntie decided to print out the pictures of when we went to the beach. But then the pictures we took on the hill had a faint man with a rugged beard and almost red eyes appeared in the photo. I didn’t know all of this was happening until my aunties and uncles were talking about it while I was ‘sleeping’.

  3. September 1st, 2014 at 8:14 pm      Reply aisha7b Says:

    Dear Roald Dahl,
    I’m very inspired by reading your book which contained all your emotions as well as your life experiences, which is very helpful to face challenges. The way you described your life experiences was very good and simple so that everyone could understand what you really mean by showing your life experience. The way you showed your feelings had not only inspired me but also made me stronger to face more and more challenges in my life.
    When I read the chapter named Mr. Coombes I remembered about my country in my country teacher used to beat the children so I forget to do my homework so the teacher beat me same as Mr. Coombes beat you.
    I really feel sad when I read the chapter about the bicycle and the sweet shop and the chapter of Mr. Coombes because you had many problems In those chapters they also called you as a murderer but you were not a murderer.
    I like the chapter about going to Norway it is a beautiful country you might enjoy when you go there and play with you friends and brothers and sisters and I hope you like to go to Norway and have fun.

  4. September 2nd, 2014 at 9:24 am      Reply aaima7b Says:

    Dear Roald Dahl,
    Now a days I am reading your book ‘BOY’ it has become one of my favorite autobiographies especially how you described everything with so much enthusiasm. I have recentaly read the Drive in the Motor Car chapter, the incident that happened with you and your family was awful. It is amazing that you remembered your childhood story and talked about it , I can relate with you not exactly the same thing happened to me but similar to it.
    I was about 3 years old when I had a sewer car accident. We went to a market there were so many shops it wasn’t really a shopping Centre. So my mum left me with our driver and my sister and she went to the shop across the road. I was eager to go to her she went with my aunty, I was holding my driver’s hand so I don’t run off, so I left his hand suddenly and ran I was to young that I didn’t even look left or right and there was that huge wagon coming down. It straight away went on my feet and stopped and then quickly he had to reverse because my feet was under his car tire. When my feet came out it was bleeding so bad and you could barley see my skin on it. What you could see was my bony skeleton, then my mum rushed me to the hospital I got stiches on my feet. That was really painful but, still on my feet there is a scar.

    You’re sincerely,
    Aaima Chaudhry

  5. September 2nd, 2014 at 10:06 am      Reply norsien7b Says:

    Dear Roald Dahl

    I have been reading your book Boy and you have had so much bad child hood memories like when you got hit with a cane and when you got into trouble for almost nothing.

    It is really great of you to share your memories with the world and not be embarrassed to share your awful and shocking memories of adults being unkind smacking you with a cane and much more.

    luckily you are not the only one in the world who has bad memories because when I was four I was running with my friends and fell down and cracked my front tooth.

    But your memories are amazing and no matter what you will always be okay with bad memories

    Yours Sincerely Norsien

  6. September 2nd, 2014 at 4:49 pm      Reply zena7b Says:

    Dear Roald Dahl,
    I recently read ‘a drive in a motor-car’ in your book ‘boy’ I found it interesting, I would like to share with you a time in my life that was frightening.
    It all happened when I was 5 and i was going to Cobourg lake ( Moreland park), me, my family, my aunty and uncles and their kids (cousins).at Cobourg lake there is a lake and there is all rocks and there is a deck. I was looking into the lake and I don’t know if one of my cousins pushed me but anyway, someone pushed me and I feel into the lake and it was very deep. I remember that my dad came in and saved me.
    I’ve loved reading your books, I think nearly everyone has, and always remember you were a very good writer with a lot of humor.
    Thank you for reading my letter about something frightening that happen in my life, Sincerely, Zena.

  7. September 2nd, 2014 at 8:41 pm      Reply linda7b Says:

    Dear Mr. Dahl
    I recently read a drive in a motor car in your book. I found it fascinating. I would like to share with you a time in my life that was very frightening. It all happened when I was at my sisters henna party (henna is a party for the bride and groom before the wedding). With the music so loud inside the reception it gave me and my 2 cousins a head ache, so we decided to step outside were most kids were.
    We stepped outside as the big cold wind blew at our hands and feet leaving us shivering with coldness. We stood there freezing and our teeth crackling until my cousin thought of a plan to go to my auntie’s (her grandma’s) car. My 2 cousins go get the key. They unlock the car and we step inside. As we are sitting down in the back seats talking, my cousin hears a car door slam from the back she turns around seeing a person wearing a scream mask walking slowly towards us. With a panicked voice she tells us to turn around.
    I turn around and become startled from being in an empty car park with no one around and no phone. He begins creeping towards our window soon him being face to face with us. I then decided to beep the horn so someone may hear us and come get us. I beeped it only to see the guy take his mask off and reveal himself, I did not recognize him. I then found out he was one of my brother in-laws cousins. It was a very frightening experience for me but it was all over and was only a prank.

    your sincerely Linda

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