Year 7 English

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These are a list of the things you  should do:

  1. Changed your theme
  2. Changed the site tagline (in appearance, customise)
  3. Replaced the “Hello World” post with your own introductory post
  4. Added an “About Me” page and written something about who you are. (Please try and focus on the things that make you unique – NOT just the “I’m a 13 year old with 2 sisters…” type response. Have a look at Bree’s blog in year 8. PS,  I haven’t just included the web address for Bree’s site in this blog entry. I “added media,” “added URL” and then hyper linked the words I wanted you to see (Bree’s – click here). Keep this in mind when you want to include links to other sites. Also I feel I need to tell you that I actually asked Ms Mcarthur how to set up blogs and pretty much learnt everything new yesterday.
  5. Added a “Boy” page where you should be recording evidence of the work and thinking you’re doing and the discussions you’re having around the tasks that have been set out on the ‘Boy’ page in our CLASS blog.
  • Add some SUB PAGES to your “About me” page. (To do this, just add each of them as “New Pages” first. Then, go to APPEARANCE, MENUES, create menu, put “Music I like”, “Where I want to be..” and “Other blogs I like” UNDER “About me” and drag each of them slightly to the right. Save menu. Then go to back to APPEARANCE, CUSTOMISE, NAVIGATION and select “Menu 1”).
    • MUSIC I LIKE. Make sure you include some examples (embed some pictures, a Youtube clip and include some hyperlinks)
    • WHERE I WANT TO BE IN TEN YEARS TIME. What job would you like to have? House? Car?
  • Add the “class blogs” widget so you can view everyone else’s blog easily
  • Add a “Feedjit” live feed widget so you can see how many people are visiting your blog
  • Get rid of the widgets that you don’t need (e.g. archives, categories, meta).
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